A solution to fog on glasses. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Since the pandemic began, the use of masks has become obligatory. But when it seems that most people have become accustomed to wearing them in all public spaces, low temperatures arrive and the problem of foggy glasses worsens.

The glasses fog up due to the exhaled air coming out, which comes into contact with the cold lenses, so this problem becomes even more latent with the arrival of the cold.

One of the simplest and easiest tricks when looking for a solution so that the glasses do not fog up when wearing the mask is to use a piece of paper tape to seal the mask well to the nose. In this way, the exhaled air does not come into contact with the lenses so easily.

A trick that became popular with the arrival of the pandemic and recommended by many health workers is to wash the crystals of the mask with a bar of soap and dry them well before putting on the mask. This creates a thin film on the lens that prevents moisture produced by the mist that comes out of the mouth.

Also, in an attempt to reduce the exit of exhaled air towards the glasses, it is possible to choose to insert a folded rectangular-shaped handkerchief inside the mask, at the bridge of the nose.