Christmas lunch in Mallorca

This sort of gathering is not permitted.

17-11-2020Julián Aguirre

The Balearic health ministry has warned that there cannot be more than six people at companies' Christmas lunches or dinners.

Following consultation with its legal services, the ministry stated on Tuesday that events of this type (with more than six people) cannot be held, as gatherings of more than six people are not permitted, even if they are sitting at different tables.

The ministry added that organisers and restaurants will be liable to fines. Inspectors, the ministry observed, will easily know if people are from the same company as they will be "communicating with each other".

Under current regulations in the Balearics, six people per table is the limit, as this is also the limit for social gatherings.


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Kim C / Hace 11 months

That make sense. Because it would be really dangerous to go out and eat together with the same people you are around 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

Much better if only 6 people meet up, and sit next to 4 other tables with 6 people from deferent companies, so the virus can spread faster...

Come on, the government should not make laws about Covid, only recommendations. People look after themselves, nobody wants to get sick. But we also need to live.