Mallorca tourism promotion focusing on safety, sustainability and quality.

The promotion budget for 2021 is much the same as for 2020.

17-11-2020Aina Ginard

The Council of Mallorca's tourism foundation has approved promotional spending of 6,372,110 euros in 2021. This will represent only a slight increase on 2020 - up by 0.18%.

Promotion will be geared to reactivating tourism and will focus on three key aspects: safety, sustainability and quality. For all promotional efforts, public-private cooperation will be taken into account as will be the digital positioning of the Mallorca brand. The main objective will be to demonstrate Mallorca's safety and preparedness for tourism recovery.

The foundation's budget will allow the Council to continue promoting Mallorca as a destination for filmmakers and to support the island's audiovisual industry. The Mallorca Film Commission will be providing subsidies totalling 250,000 euros to promote productions on the island and will be announcing prizes to promote creativity.

A total of 1.1 million euros will be dedicated to sponsorship to promote the Mallorca brand at national and international events. The foundation notes that sponsorship spending in 2020 has helped to finance events such as the Atlantida Film Fest, the Mallorca Cycling Challenge and the TaPalma route.

There will be half a million euros for co-marketing, with the emphasis firmly on online marketing strategy. An investment of 80,000 euros for social media is planned, the foundation observing that in 2020 the profiles of @MallorcaTourism have achieved increases of 800% in terms of followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and of 600% on Instagram.

For tourism fairs, a reduced budget of 715,000 euros is being allocated, with the expectation being that there will continue to be a virtual element to these fairs. The focus will be on strategic products for Mallorca, e.g. cycling, gastronomy, golf and nautical.

With the pandemic having led to a review of the island's tourism model and to further emphasis on sustainability, 250,000 euros are to go on the establishment of the Sustainable Tourism Observatory.

A total of 800,000 euros will be spent on advertising, digital services and promotional material for Mallorca as a safe destination.


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John Reeves / Hace 11 months

Mallorca would be better off spending €6m on repairing its broken sewage system first so that tourists do not have to swim in untreated effluent. This will win back some blue flags and then give them something to shout about. The state of the sewers is unacceptable and must be fixed as a priority. If not, then it sinks to 3rd world status and no tourism industry.


Lisa / Hace 11 months

Good marketing is vital. But whilst the pre travel test policy remains in force, with no official end, tourists and filmmakers will not commit to book a trip to Mallorca.

The added cost and planning simply make it prohibitively expensive.

It could cost a family of four an extra £600 to visit. These tests are expensive. Times that buy the cost of bringing a film crew to Mallorca.

Then they’ll pay the tourist tax etc ...

No amount of marketing will overcome that hurdle.