Central Government Delegate to the Balearics, Aina Calvo

Central Government Delegate to the Balearics Aina Calvo.

19-11-2020Humphrey Carter

We have seen the last of Magalluf as it has become infamously known, confirmed the Central Government Delegate to the Balearics, Aina Calvo.

In a wide ranging interview with the Bulletin yesterday, which will appear in full this Sunday, Calvo, who was sworn into to her new position just a month before the pandemic broke out and Spain was thrown into the first phase of lockdown in March, praised the Balearic government for having taken a “very brave” step in closing down the trouble spots in Magalluf, the Playa de Palma and San Antonio in Ibiza as soon as the lockdown was lifted and the very short holiday season was permitted.

“With regards to the three resorts, or rather the flash point streets which were closed down due to excess alcohol and anti social behaviour which put people’s health and safety at large in danger, be they fellow holiday makers or residents, they will not be allowed to open and continue operating as they have been for decades.

“The pandemic has provided the authorities with an opportunity to seriously address the problems in the three resorts and the local government, with the full support of central government in Madrid and the British and German authorities, has been and is continuing to do all it can to ensure that the ills of Magalluf are cured and never resurface once life returns to some form of normality.

“That said, a unilateral approach has got to be taken involving all aspects of the travel industry and the tourism chains in the black spot resorts.

“After all, with regards to Magalluf and the Playa de Palma, we’re only talking about a handful of streets, San Antonio is slightly more challenging.

“Nevertheless, hotels, bars, clubs, supermarkets and tour operators all have to be on board.

“What we have to move away from is depending on the police to solve the problem.
“Being the Central Government Delegate, I am in charge of the state security forces in the Balearics, such as the Guardia Civil and the National Police and yes, during the summer, extra resources are deployed to the region, as they to all popular tourist destinations in Spain to help tighten security. But, we only have limited resources and one has to bare in mind that the security forces have other matters such as tackling drug and people smuggling, gender violence and day-to-day crime, not to mention enforcing the pandemic protocol - so flooding the likes of Magalluf with extra police is not the answer.

“The solution to the problem lies very much with society and holiday makers.
“In association with the British and German governments, the latter of which sends police officers to assist local forces on the beat during the summer season, we have launched numerous awareness campaigns on social media platforms and these have been embraced by the tour operators and the majority of hotels.

“What is more the Balearic government has introduced heavy fines for establishments not adhering to the rules and regulations or promoting illegal events such as bar crawls, cheap drinks, pool parties and party boats, for example.

“At the end of the day, we want people to come to Majorca and enjoy themselves but in a civic manor. “We want visitors to enjoy the island’s wonderful environment and all the night time fun it has to offer, but in a responsible manor.

“For example, when the local fiestas are held here, everybody young and old, has a good time, dancing, drinking and shouting, but it never spills over into street fights and violence.
“So, we all need to be working together, we can’t have businesses allowed to continue encouraging or promoting anti social behaviour fueled by excess alcohol.

“Obviously, we need a police presence on the streets, but that’s more to drive home the fact that Majorca is a safe destination, but, if tourists behaved, we would need fewer police in resorts so they are able to concentrate on more pressing issues.

“One thing is for sure, and I think the authorities in Palma and Madrid all agree, the fiesta is over in Magalluf, the Playa de Palma and San Antonio.”


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Harry / Hace 11 months

Thanks Mike. PS It wasn’t me who gave you the negative vote.


Paul / Hace 11 months

@North, you sound like the drunkest one here.


North (#2) / Hace 11 months

Dear Censor,

North, here again!

May I just add this: There is no need for police officers - they can continue porn surfing - only municipal officials, a paper / form and a pen. Then just play Bond, James Bond in a restaurant, bar or pub. Type: -Name? -Me??? -Bond, James Bond. -I did not ask for your middle name, Bond Bond.

If the bar serves over-refreshed MEN, just take the bar/serving license from them!

Dear politicians, benchmark Sweden. Here in Sweden, the restaurateurs are terrified of getting rid of their serving license. Getting rid of it means bankruptcy!


What will we do with a drunken sailor? What will we do with a drunken sailor? What will we do with a drunken sailor? Early in the morning!

PS. See the (comment) rules below. The name is "North".

PSS. I like to be slushed too at the tavern sometimes, and do not spit in the glass! Now we have a sober October, i.e. from Mårtens Eve (November 10) to Lucia Eve (December 12). Despite being a fading celebration, some southern Swedes will still keep the tradition of Mårtens Eve, 10 Novenber, alive by gathering the family to eat goose blood soup (Madeira wine), goose (Bourgogne) and apple cake with custard (Tokaji) .


Mike( Belgium ) / Hace 11 months

H Harry You are right about our governement More than 35% have voted for national Flemish parties to avoid the first Islamic State as you say But in our democracy we were ruled out and are now leaded by a mix of parties which have lost votes all the way but together they now have the majority Keep healthy mate


JohnG / Hace 11 months


Go to Lytham... there are plenty of Cougars there who will sort out your adolescent trait


dawn lane / Hace 11 months

Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! Thank god, someone had had the courage to put a stop to the Sodom and Gomorah behaviours snhown by manh nations when in Magaluff and other parts of Majorca. So the bad element stop coming to the island but the families will come back and enjoy the lovely beaches, friendly people that serve them and peace and quiet. Now, how about making sure that all the night time loud music and tuneless karoake from hotels blasting each other in competition is done inside.


James Davis / Hace 11 months

what?...no mention at all of the prozzies and the looky looky drug dealers?....lets start there.


Paul / Hace 11 months

Kev, I didn’t mention any restaurants, but modiglianis at one end of Palma nova and tan a gustito at the other end of magaluf are fantastic restaurants, and quite a few in between. I also didn’t suggest any comedians, certainly none who’ve been dead over a decade. Seems you are like so many who have no vision of what could be positive for the place, if people use there imagination. My ideas are quick off the top of my head, but probably form more of a plan than the powers that be have in store.


Kev / Hace 11 months

Paul, I assume you are easy to please. Maybe KFC and Burger King appeal to you but not to the rest of us. As for live acts, british comedians etc. Stick to Blackpool mate, you sound like part of the problem, not the answer. How is Bernard Manning by the way?


John / Hace 11 months

Is this the same politician who has, for years and years, been trying to close down the drug supermarket in Son Banya ? And solve the graffiti problem that embellishes every wall in Palma ? And keep people safe from the ever increasing crime rate that is due to the ever increasing illegal immigrant problem ? Good luck to that then.