Cats at the vet in Muro.

Cats at the vet in Muro.

19-11-2020V. Sanz

At least 15 cats have been poisoned in Muro, according to volunteers from a local animal welfare group.

Verónica Sanz, Victoria Rotger and Estefanía Castaño managed to rescue some of the animals and take them to a vet for treatment.

Rescued cat in Muro.

We do not know exactly how many are affected, we have 9 babies and two adults; one was already dead and another one was seriously ill but we couldn't catch him,” said Verónica Sanz. “Some of the cats seemed to be fine, but we want to try to catch them all to make sure.”

The volunteers were also contacted by a local resident who said her cat was behaving strangely and moving erratically, which may be linked to poison.

It happened in a rural area and has already been brought to the attention of the Ajuntament de Muro who promised to take action.

The volunteers said they will report the animal abuse to the Guardia Civil so that it can be investigated and the perpetrators identified.

Cats at the vet in Muro.


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