Testing in Ibiza

The test rate has been below five per cent for five consecutive days.

21-11-2020Marcelo Sastre

The Balearic health ministry's report for Saturday indicates 92 new positive cases and a positive test rate of 2.53% from 3,636 tests.

This test rate is almost a whole percentage point lower than on Friday, when it was 3.49% (131 cases from 3,753 tests). Since the end of last week, the daily tally of new positive cases has been coming down and so also, therefore, has the test rate.

The health ministry's report for the 24-hour period on Friday, November 13 was 205 new cases and a rate of 6.31%. Over last weekend there weren't daily figures because the data management system was being updated. On Monday the ministry reported 541 new cases for the three-day period, 125 of which corresponded to Sunday - a test rate of 7.34% from 1,703 tests.

On Tuesday, a downward trend started - 165 cases at a rate of 4.8%; Wednesday, 164 cases at 4.1%; Thursday, 158 cases at 4.6%; and Friday, 131 cases at 3.49%. For five consecutive days, the rate has been below the World Health Organization's five per cent target.

The ministry has meanwhile also reported no change to the number of patients in intensive care units - 49 - and no further fatalities.


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Rich / Hace 11 months

Surely the answer to really reduce the figure is to return to full lockdown until we all take the vaccine. We won't be allowed out before this because infection will spread. I fail to see the problem in taking such a decision, we can deal with the numbers of death due to acute mental health problems and business failure at a later date. We cannot accept the current numbers of dead due to covid.