Dogs must be secured in cars.

Dogs must be secured in cars.

22-11-2020Ultima Hora

A man has been fined in Calvia for failing to secure his dog in the car and for eating a muffin whilst driving.

He was sanctioned 80 euros but that will be reduced to 40 euros if he pays up within 15 days.

"It's a shame. I was stopped outside my house and the dog was tied with a chain to the back seat belt, but the police wouldn’t listen to reason,” said the defendant. "I have to take the car to ITV this week so I was using a replacement vehicle. The dog was tied up, but I was sanctioned for not using the official mechanisms. I have been stopped six times in the last 15 days,” he claimed.


The Traffic Code states that anyone travelling with a dog in their car, must make sure it is properly secured so that it doesn't fall out, compromise the stability of the vehicle, distract the driver or hinder visibility.


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