There are 59 deputies in the Balearic parliament. (Archive image.) | Jaume Morey

The 2021 budget for the Balearic parliament will be 14.7 million euros, of which 76% is for personnel, who include the deputies (members of parliament). The salaries for these deputies are to be frozen, as will be the salaries for parliament officials. Political parties represented in parliament will not be receiving any more next year; they are paid for having secretarial staff, for example.

The Spanish government's budget for 2021 envisages a 0.9% salary increase for public sector employees, but parliament is following the lead of the Balearic government, which is not applying this increase to its some 38,000 workers. "Salaries for senior officials and personnel have been budgeted without any increase with respect to salaries in effect as December 2020," the parliament's accounts indicate.

The president (speaker) of parliament will receive 72,106.51 euros. The deputy speakers, secretaries of the parliament board and spokespeople for parliamentary groups will be paid 67,449.90 euros; spokespeople in committees 62,599.53 euros; and full-time deputies 57,949.92 euros.

Those members of parliament who do not have exclusive dedication and therefore have other sources of income from their professional activities will be paid a variable allowance that ranges from 3,566.89 euros in November and December to zero in August.

Parliament also pays for travel, accommodation and subsistence for the 26 members of parliament who live in Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.