Christmas celebrations will be different this year

Christmas celebrations will be different this year.


The Balearic Government is proposing that family dinners and social gatherings at Christmas and New Year, including Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve be limited to six people with a curfew from 01:00 until 06:00 on December 24 and 31 according to draft 'Proposals for public health measures against Covid-19 for the celebration of the Christmas holidays.’

New Year celebrations in Palma.

The document states that family meetings be limited to members from the same cohabitation group and if any member is not a regular cohabitant, that meetings be limited to 6 people and prevention measures guaranteed, regardless of whether they are family members or not.

It also recommends avoiding or minimising work celebrations, student reunions or sports clubs events amongst others and states that if they do go ahead there should be a maximum of 6 people and that the event should take place outdoors or on a terrace with a maximum of 2 walls.

People should not attend any family or social gatherings if they are infected with Covid-19; have Covid-19 symptoms; are waiting for the results of a coronavirus diagnostic test or may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the previous 14 days.

Prevention measures must be maintained at all times by wearing face masks; washing hands frequently; maintaing social distancing; maximising ventilation, keeping windows and doors open and minimising the number of people they have contact with.


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Adam Ostenfeld / Hace 11 months

Recommend what dose that mean , that is like my neighbour telling me he thinks I should stay home this weekend , strange but well maybe we should have an Election !!!!