Via de Cintura, Palma.

Via de Cintura, Palma. archive photo.

26-11-2020Ultima Hora

The speed limit on the Via de Cintura in Palma is being reduced from 120 kilometres an hour to 80, according to the Consell de Mallorca.

The change was decided during the previous legislature but wasn’t implemented and Mobility Minister Iván Sevillano says lowering the speed limit will help fight pollution and reduce emissions.

A few weeks ago Palma City Council introduced a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometres an hour in most of the city, although there are still some roads with top speeds of 40 and 50 kilometres an hour.

The exact details of the new restrictions on the Via de Cintura will be revealed on Thursday but it's expected to be enforced from es Molinar to the Bonanova tunnels.


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Adam / Hace 11 months

What would be very Helpful would be to reduce the top speed limit on the centuri to 50 then everyone would be late , I have driven into Palma from the country every morning early and have seen the Mothers who are driving like Formula one drivers in Q3 with there tennis racquets in the back of the SUV , not sure where this is all headed but another abuse of power by the government !


Colin / Hace 11 months

About time too!


Nigel / Hace 11 months

If it takes longer to complete the journey it will pollute more, not less. Meaningless political solutions to problems do not solve them, it is diesel that is the health killer with the unseen particles of SOx.


Yvonne / Hace 11 months

Slow traffic down , takes more time to get through any given point , so more pollution created as a result of a build up of vehicles


Nick Wade / Hace 11 months

Not this old game again! Let me explain. Back in the early 70’s during one of the Middle East Oil crisis the British Government rolled this one out nationwide and found out that it actually raises fuel consumption. After a hugely expensive study it was finally decided that the reason for this was that cars and trucks were no longer able to cruise at the speed for which they were designed and were forced to run in a lower gear, therefore using the engine in much the same way but covering less distance. More fuel, less distance. In the 70’s emissions were not a consideration but I am assuming that the act of burning more fuel for less movement will increase emissions and also dump this on a lesser area as less distance is being covered. Well done, own goal.