'Black Friday' in Palma. | Ultima Hora


It’s 'Black Friday' and thousands of shoppers are taking advantage of rock bottom prices both in the shops and online.

Because of the slump in sales caused by the coronavirus shops started slashing prices at the beginning of November and some are now offering discounts of 60%-70%.

'Black Friday' has turned into 'Black Week' which ends with 'Cyber Monday', but on top of that the shops will be open on Sunday so shoppers will have plenty of time to grab a bargain.


Internet sales have already skyrocketed as people try to avoid having any more contact with strangers than absolutely necessary to make sure they stay coronavirus-free.

65% of Spaniards who spend money on 'Black Friday' will buy products online, 29% will buy products in the shops and online and only 6% will prefer to shop in their local stores, according to a report by Cetelem.

Cetelem also predicts that most shoppers will buy fashion goods on 'Black Friday'; footwear and accessories will be second top and third will be mobile and technology products, appliances and toys.

The huge increase in online shopping has prompted Police to publish six tips to prevent cybercriminals getting hold of customer details.

Meanwhile the OCU has warned that the price of almost a third of 2,500 products monitored in more than 85 establishments were raised before 'Black Friday' and that only 11.2% of the products they analysed were cheaper at the beginning of 'Black Week' than they were between October 27 and November 22.

Fewer people were hired to work during the 'Black Friday' extravaganza this year according to Randstad which found that 510 jobs were created in the Balearic Islands compared to 536 last year.

'Black Friday' in Palma.