Thunderstorms in Palma.

27-11-2020Youtube: Wendy Urquhart

Black clouds gathered and dispersed throughout the day on Friday in Palma and a lot of people had their umbrellas to hand just in case, but it wasn’t until around 22:30 that the heavens finally opened and torrential rain saturated the city.

The streets fell silent as lightning flashed, thunder rumbled and people ran for cover in the hope of reaching home before they got soaked to the skin.

The storm was to-ing and fro-ing for over an hour before finally moving out to sea, then the lightning faded, the thunder rolled off into the distance and the heavy rain subsided.

But it’s not over yet, moderate to strong thunderstorms are forecast to ravage Ibiza and Formentera from noon on Saturday and hit Mallorca later in the day, dumping up to 40 litres per square metre an hour of rain on some parts of the Island.

Drivers are advised to be extremely cautious and avoid stopping in areas where a large amount of water is likely to pool.

The storms will ease off on Sunday but there will be a few showers here and there so it’s probably best to be prepared!


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