Heavy traffic in Palma.

Heavy traffic in Palma. recent photo.

28-11-2020Ultima Hora

Drivers in Palma are spitting feathers over plans to reduce the speed limit on the Via de Cintura from 120 kilometres an hour to 80.

The City Council has already introduced a maximum speed of 30 kilometres an hour in most areas of the city which it says will reduce pollution and reduce emissions and this latest change in traffic regulations has caused an outpouring of fury on social networks.

Critics claim that lowering the speed limit will cause more traffic jams, longer delays and more accidents on the Via de Cintura.

"The problem is often not the speed, it's more the clumsiness of drivers, lack of road maintenance and the volume of cars. It’s another absurd measure. I see people much older than 60 behind the wheel on the motorway and that is just as dangerous. It’s an absurd and costly measure, which we will pay for as always with our taxes,” said J Ma Lo on Facebook.

"I think they are wrong in so many ways and with all the traffic we have it’s going to cause chaos," says another user.

Many of the drivers who oppose the new speed limit claim it all comes down to money but there are a few who think it’s a good idea and will result in a safer, healthier environment.

"There is no need to hurry in Mallorca,” says Isabel Fernández. “I’ve noticed that most of the people who drive at top speed do it to show off their cars and sometimes their manoeuvres endanger others, because they’re hurrying to get home when there’s no need. If we don’t hurry we avoid accidents.”

Peter Ishmael believes that lowering the speed limit could also help to save lives.

"On one hand this measure focuses on reducing the number of accidents on motorways which are caused by people who don’t respect the 120 kilometre an hour limit. On the other hand reducing the speed will make the traffic less fluid and cause traffic jams at city centre access points. But in my opinion it’s better to arrive half an hour late than not at all,” he said.

"It seems to me that there is enough technology today to detect traffic jams and reduce speed at peak times in order to increase road safety,” says Guillem Arrom. “Pollution is an absurd excuse because fuel consumption and emissions will always be worse at low speeds.”


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Adam / Hace 11 months

They say that this will reduce pollution,Cruise Liners are the primary Cause of Airpolution in Mallorca not Car´s with there Generator´s running at max capacity during the day while they are tied up in the port , with the seabrezze predominately from the south west and as all the mallorcin´s who live in Palma know this brings a lot of smoke and dirt directly over the town and into your apartment , another point if they are so concerned about the environment is water how is it that each time we have a bit of rain there is toilet paper rolling around the street in the morning with some other items which I prefer not to mention , the people have had to put up with this corona mess and then they put these stupid speed limits in place because they can . stupid sorry !


Roy / Hace 11 months

Time is money . City Council love wasting time and money , which i then have to find to pay them . Typical and predictable of them. Maybe we should drop the speed limit to 5 or 6 KPH , even safer . No harm done.