Guardia Civil in Mallorca

The Guardia Civil have reported the owner and those in the cafeteria.

29-11-2020Alejandro Sepúlveda

On Saturday evening, the Guardia Civil and Sineu police broke up an illegal party that was being held in the cafeteria at the Sineu sports centre.

Around 7.30pm, several calls to the Guardia Civil reported there being some sixty cars parked by the sports centre and at least one hundred people in the cafeteria. When officers arrived, they counted more than eighty people and as many who left when they became aware of the police presence.

There had apparently been a wine-tasting, but this developed into a party with all kinds of drink and loud music. A number of people weren't wearing masks. The cafeteria's proprietor and others attending this party have all been reported and face penalties for breaches of coronavirus regulations.


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Kim / Hace 11 months

So sad that it’s become illegal to have a good time. If this had been done in a movie 2 years ago, nobody would want to see, because it would be to unrealistic.

Restrictions need to make sense, there is to much symbolism.