The Osborne bull in Mallorca

The Osborne bull, which is occasionally adorned with messages and images by various groups, would be excluded; it is an asset in the cultural interest.

01-12-2020Jaume Morey

The CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations has warned of the significant damage that will be caused to businesses by the Balearic government's decision to prohibit billboard advertising and similar. The confederation says that this move will lead to a "further deterioration of the situation of extreme seriousness suffered by the Balearic economy and companies". It will "undoubtedly" have very negative effects on employment.

The CAEB stated on Monday it was totally opposed to the new regulations, which are contrary to current legislation which allows "visible advertising" that is subject to town hall ordinance. These regulations will require the withdrawal of outdoor advertising by January 20, 2021. Before this date, businesses will have to get authorisation from island councils. This way, the government is "invading the competences of town halls and of municipal ordinances".

In October, the government published an amendment to the 1990 Highways Act. This said that "advertising visible from the public domain area of primary and secondary roads is prohibited". It was therefore principally referring to billboards.

The confederation has also highlighted its concern, one shared by the Balearic Transport Federation, about another amendment that affects advertising on vehicles, other than that for companies advertising themselves on their own vehicles.

The transport federation, the CAEB noted on Monday, considers that a ban on this advertising "borders on the absurd at a time of economic crisis, especially for taxi drivers". This new restriction was announced without "any argument or reason". It is arbitrary and it is harmful for the transport sector, which has seen its activity "diminished tremendously" by the pandemic.

The transport ministry has since clarified that taxis, coaches, buses and other vehicles can carry advertising so long as it does not stick out from the vehicle. But the CAEB believes that this is in itself contradictory to the amended law that prohibits advertising being visible from the road. "The text of the law must be modified."


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