Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma. | Ultima Hora

Residents of the Balearics who are planning to spend Christmas on the Peninsula or elsewhere outside the islands have been advised by Government Spokesperson Pilar Costa to be very cautious.

Councillor Costa pointed out that many Autonomous Communities are under lockdown and travellers can only enter them for justified reasons and insisted that extreme precautions be taken even if the restrictions are lifted.

The Vice President of the Government, Juan Pedro Yllanes said he will not travel to the Peninsula this Christmas to visit his family and urged others to follow his example, to prevent a new wave of infections.

Photographs were published over the weekend showing large crowds of people in the streets of some Spanish cities and Councillor Costa says the Government will work with police forces to avoid that happening in the Balearic Islands.

PCR Tests

Councillor Costa said the Executive continues to work with the Canary Islands Government and the Central Government to make it compulsory for travellers from the Peninsula to present proof of a negative PCR test.

At them moment only six people can gather for parties and Councillor Costa says there is no news on whether the maximum capacity will be changed for Christmas celebrations.

She also provided the latest coronavirus incidence data for schools in the last week.

167 positive cases were detected amongst students and four amongst teachers.

There are 27 quarantined groups, representing 0.33 percent of the total.
Negative contact studies account for 94.1 percent of the total.

423 new positives have been reported since last Saturday and 5 people died from coronavirus. A total of 24,472 positive cases have been confirmed and 410 fatalities. 211 people have been admitted to hospital and 51 patients are in the ICU.

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