An abandoned car being scrapped in Palma.

An abandoned car being scrapped in Palma. recent photo.

03-12-2020Ultima Hora

Palma City Council has announced that people who abandon their cars in the streets will be fined up to 1,600 euros.

A search is underway in the city to identify abandoned vehicles and the owners are being informed that their cars must be removed within a month.


If a car is still sitting in the same place after the one month deadline it will be removed and scrapped and the owner will be forced to pay all costs.

The new initiative is one of several being carried out to clear abandoned cars from public roads and the Son Toells Municipal Depot.

Abandoned cars in Palma.


343 vehicles have already been removed from public roads and 1,575 vehicles from Son Toells this year.

Another 125 newly abandoned vehicles have been identified in Palma and will be removed in a month if the owners don’t move them before then.

The task of removing abandoned vehicles ground to a halt during the coronavirus lockdown but has now been resumed.


Police say most vehicles are dumped in industrial estates.

"Once a vehicle is located an identification task is carried out to find the owner, lessee or regular driver,” said a Police Spokesperson. “The objective is to minimise abandonment which is considered waste and a source of environmental pollution.

It’s hoped that the threat of a heavy fine will discourage people from abandoning their cars in the streets in future.


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