Taxis in Calvia, Mallorca.

Taxis in Calvia, Mallorca.

02-12-2020Ultima Hora

Strict new rules have been issued for around 200 Taxi Drivers in the Calvia area of Mallorca.

To qualify for a licence they will have to meet a whole range of criteria.

They must wear a uniform, be able to speak a minimum amount of English and German and know about places of cultural interest and the location of official centres in the area, according to an amendment to the Municipal Regulations for Public Taxi Services.

Calvia Council is offering free courses for taxi drivers who need to brush up on their language skills and/or local knowledge.

Under the new rules, all taxi’s must be fitted with the necessary equipment to allow customers to pay their fare with a credit card.

Taxis will be able to transport luggage or other objects without a passenger in the car, making it possible for left or forgotten suitcase to be transported to the airport.

The Council has also issued specific uniform rules for all taxi drivers in Calvia.

In summer they must wear a navy blue short-sleeved polo or shirt, with a cobalt blue T, an orange-yellow C and the inscription Taxis de Calvià under the official shield.

In winter drivers can wear a vest or jacket in the same colour on top which must have an embroidered Taxis de Calvià shield along with bone-coloured shorts with no side pockets, long pants or jeans.

Women should wear a plain bone-coloured skirt which must be a maximum of three centimetres above the knee.

The Deputy Mayor for General Services & Infrastructure, Juan Recasens says the new rules have been agreed with the Calvia Taxi Group and it’s hoped that they will give taxi drivers a more professional image.


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Cat / Hace about 1 year

Wait. WHAT? The female taxi drivers have to wear a SKIRT? What planet are we on in 2020????!!!!! The hunger for social control this year has gotten completely out of hand.


Colin / Hace about 1 year

I find them very polite, and chatty in Spanish, but Way too expensive, cut out the add on's. 35 euros for Santa Ponsa to airport, too much, more expensive than the flight to UK.


Mo / Hace about 1 year

What about allowing Uber, so we could actually start using the services?


James Davis / Hace about 1 year

this is great! very professional.


louise foster / Hace about 1 year

yes and they might want to cut out the smoking in the car too... many of these taxis stink of smoke..whether they stop off for a fag or not whilst not working its not nice to enter a taxi full of smoke. I would say thats more important than a uniform!!!!