Ma-10, Mallorca. | A. Sepúlveda

The speed limit on the Ma-10 between Andratx and Pollensa is being reduced to 60 kilometres an hour.

The new restriction has been agreed by the Government Delegation, the General Directorate of Traffic and the Consell de Mallorca.

“The aim is to strengthen road safety, slow down traffic and improve coexistence between road users and residents of the Serra de Tramuntana," they said in a joint statement. “Horizontal signs are being installed, to clarify where overtaking is permitted, notify drivers of the 60 kilometre speed limit and signal curves and other conditions on the road.”

The speed restrictions are also designed to combat reckless driving, particularly in the section of road between Sóller and the Puig Major, which local residents and regional Mayors have been complaining about for years. Earlier this year a platform made up of residents who’ve been affected obtained a commitment from the Council to take action.

The Government Delegation, DGT, Guardia Civil’s Traffic Division and the Consell have met several times to deal with complaints from residents about noise and risky behaviour by motorists. The DGT has proposed reinforcing surveillance and installing billboards to warn drivers about areas of risk.

There are plans to install more radars, mobile cameras and drones on the MA-10 and Municipalities will be consulted about noise regulations.