New speed cameras in Palma. | P.Lozano


Palma City Council has approved a decree authorising the installation of five new speed cameras to make sure drivers adhere to the 30, 40 and 50 kilometres an hour speed limits in the capital.

Mobilitat previously said that three new radars would be put in place, but has just added another two and apparently there are plans to install more in the future because there aren’t enough Police Officers to monitor speeding with mobile radars.

New speed cameras in Palma.

The locations of the new speed traps are:

The corner of Carrer de Pascual Ribot and Carrer de Félix Escobar
350 Carrer d’Aragó
The corner of Camí dels Reis and Carrer de Sevilla
32 Carrer Pompeu Fabra
18 Carrer Manuel Azaña


There will now be a total of 11 radars at fixed points in Palma and signs will be installed to let drivers know which streets they are in.

When the 30 kilometre an hour speed limit came into force in October the Council said drivers would not be fined for speeding for the first two months while radars and signs were being installed.

Under the Palma 30 project the speed limit was reduced to 30 kilometres an hour in the majority of streets in the city and in others it was lowered from 50 kilometres an hour to 40 or from 70 kilometres an hour to 50. Hundreds of traffic signals on Palma’s 38 kilometre road network had to be modified.

Cort launched an information campaign called ‘Respect, Live, Share’ and claimed “this measure strengthens road safety and moves Palma towards a new model of mobility with bicycles, personal mobility vehicles, walking and public transport gaining more prominence to the detriment of cars.

New speed cameras in Palma.