Employment office sign in Mallorca

Over 30,000 people in the Balearics are on ERTE terms.


Figures for November from the national ministry of social security indicate that 30,962 employees in the Balearics were on ERTE (furlough) terms. These workers represented 4.15% of all people in Spain who were on ERTE.

The national total in November was 746,900. Slightly more than a quarter of this total related to Catalonia, where 196,359 workers were on ERTE. At the end of September, Catalonia accounted for 20%, but measures adopted to counter the second wave of the virus have led to increased numbers of employees being subject to this temporary arrangement.

The Balearics is one of five regions where the number of furloughed employees has fallen since September - Castile-La Mancha, Extremadura, Madrid and Valencia are the others.

Madrid, however, continues to have the second highest number in the country - 131,757 in November. In Andalusia there were 90,153 workers, while in the Canaries there were 83,951.

The ERTE scheme was extended at the end of September, and under its modified terms since October, 420,604 workers have been covered nationwide. Of these, 127,225 have been in Catalonia.


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George / Hace 12 months

Whilst the ERTE percentages have gone down it doesn’t mean they have in reality. It’s a load of rubbish! All they have done is moved us off the furlough to another benefit which we will end up paying stupid amounts of tax on due to having two incomes. They did an average season for workers this year which they claim was June/July until September... so most people only had furlough for those months.... yet the funny thing is I’ve lived here 9 years and all of my seasons have started in March and ended in November. The reason the number dropped in September is because they took everyone of us seasonal workers off of furlough. There arnt jobs for us. There is nothing for us. We will be left to rot so armengol can boast about her low numbers in this emergency whilst she’s enjoying an after curfew pint.