Mallorca under curfew.

Mallorca under curfew.

08-12-2020M. À. Cañellas

The President of the Government Francina Armengol has just announced that the curfew in Mallorca is changing to 22:00 from Thursday December 10 until December 21 which means bars and restaurants all be forced to close by then.

"The situation is getting worse in Mallorca," said Armengol.

The cumulative incidence in 14 days in Mallorca is 260 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to 223 a week ago.

The Governing Council has approved five million euros worth of aid for bars and restaurants so that they can install the necessary equipment to ensure security.

President Armengol revealed that customers will not be allowed to eat or drink inside bars and restaurants in Lloseta, Sóller or Muro because all three Municipalities have a very high cumulative incidence which is forecast to rise even further. The same restriction is already in force in Sa Pobla.

President Armengol stressed that social distancing, wearing a face mask, washing hands frequently and good ventilation help to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

She also mentioned that the Balearic Islands approved a level framework ten days ago which is reviewed every 15 days, with the next revision scheduled for Monday, December 14, but measures related to a State of Emergency are decided by the Balearic Government.

Government Technical Adviser, Margalida Frontera told IB3 Ràdio that the situation in Sa Pobla, Lloseta, Sóller, Muro and several districts of Palma is very worrying, because of the increase in cases and maintenance of the constant incidence.

The cumulative incidence in Mallorca has gone from 198 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 250 in a week.

The cumulative incidence of the Balearic Islands is 222.37 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, well above the national average of 215.10 and significantly more than Andalusia with 204.26, Canary Islands with 71.19, Catalonia with 205.47, Ceuta with 188.73, the Valencian Community with 210.14, Extremadura with 187.04, Galicia with 178.81, Madrid with 222.14, Murcia with 172.70 and Navarra with 220.72.

Rise in the number of cases.


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Graham Brown / Hace 12 months

Mark Badoer is nothing more than a sprout fart


Rich / Hace 12 months

The Governing Council has approved five million euros worth of aid for bars and restaurants so that they can install the necessary equipment to ensure security They won't need that much, most restaurants will have gone bust.


Dave / Hace 12 months

Yes this is the Mark Badoer who threatened to sue the MDB for allowing people to comment that most of the immigrants who arrive on boats in Mallorca are from Algeria, are young and are economic migrants and should be sent back. He thought that was racist even thought the Mallorcan and Spanish Governments said the same and the MDB reported the same on Dec 1st (see below). Maybe Mark Badoer has yet another business that makes money from illegal migrants!. Not saying he does but given his insensitivities on Covid victims who knows 🤷‍♂️.


Mark Badoer / Hace 12 months

At least I am not a racist Dave


Rich / Hace 12 months

The crucial numbers are those who have symptoms. If you are asymptomatic it does not affect you, ok so you might infect people who get ill in which they will become symptomatic and therefore give a true reflection of the damage caused by the virus.


Dave / Hace 12 months

Mark Badoer is a nasty little man and a bully in the way he responds to people. If you follow what he has said throughout Covid you will realise that he has an economic interest in the travel sector which means that all of his anti Covid measures comments come from his purely self centered selfish economic interests. Any comments from him should be judged accordingly.


Caroline / Hace 12 months

Yes he really is a 'Badbore'


Steve / Hace 12 months

Am I the only one who gets irritated by Mark Badoer and his Covid denial rants? Ive lost 2 relatives to Covid who would not have left us otherwise this year. His comments and utter selfishness offend me deeply.


Mark Badoer / Hace 12 months

Lisa, if you had paid attention, what you say about incoming flights from the mainland is nonsense. It take 14 days to see any effect of what you are saying. If I just look at how people on Mallorca go about their lives, it is no wonder the numbers go up. What I would like to know is how many people dies more than normal? That is the only interesting figure, as this is what our politicians base things on. I.e take the emotional speech of Angele Merkel. Totally true what she said about x amount of people dying in Germany every day. BUT, how many people are dying because of the measures, suicides and not being able of getting operated. That you never here. It is coid, covid, covid. Other ilnesses ceased to exist.


Andy / Hace 12 months

Why negative comments for Lisa??? She is spot on with what she says about the mainlanders being responsible for the increased Covid rates. Anyone who disagrees is frankly a bit thick.