A British Airways plane taxis

British Airways plane taxis past tail fins of parked aircraft near Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London.

11-12-2020SIMON DAWSON

When the UK finally leaves the EU at the end of this year British travellers could find themselves shut out of Europe.

European law won’t apply to the UK after January 1, 2021 which means Britain will be treated the same as any other non-European country, entry to the EU will depend on the coronavirus situation in the UK and that means non-essential travel could be banned.

UK citizens who have residency in an EU country or who have family members who are EU residents will still be able to travel to Europe and healthcare workers, border staff, seasonal agricultural workers, transport workers, diplomats, aid workers, fishermen and those in transit will be exempt from the travel restrictions.

Travel Agents are demanding clarification amid growing fears that non-essential travel to the EU could be banned, which means people who’ve been snapping up holiday bargains on the internet may not be able to travel after all.


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david wareing / Hace 12 months

i am finding it difficult to understand what exactly mallorca wants. it was only a year ago protestors where marching around palma demanding "tourists go home" so i think you got what you wished for


John Feltham / Hace 12 months

What about the hotels bars and restaurants don't malllorca want uk to spend in them what about the jobs in this area also you got to think of the job loss at airports and airlines so I think that you should all think again if you want 2021 to be a lot better than 2020


JR / Hace 12 months

I would image there are plenty of places in the world rubbing their hands to grab the tourist £'s. Turkey will be a big winner, plus Dubai, Israel, USA, Canada, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Barbados, etc etc etc. Also, I read that staycations have become a big thing in UK. So, does it really matter. Think not.


John Bull / Hace 12 months

Great news. As an ardent Brexiteer I want the British to holiday in the beautiful UK and spend money at home. Rule Britannia.


Tom / Hace 12 months

What about property owners who are not permanent residents