Animal Welfare in Mallorca.

Animal Welfare in Mallorca. archive photo.

12-12-2020Ultima Hora

The Balearic Government will pass a pioneering new law next year to protect stray cats and dogs.

The new legislation will also remove legal loopholes and complete the protection law passed in 1992.

That rule has not managed to end the abandonment of hundreds of animals every year, which is why it's necessary to reinforce it. Nor has it eradicated abuse, which makes a more forceful response from the public powers essential.”

In addition to imposing a sanctioning regime for non-compliance, the new legislation assigns specific functions to the Administration to deal with stray cats and dogs and animals that do not have any identification or are unaccompanied. The law also establishes intervention in aspects such as collection, treatment and adoption.

Local Police will be assigned as "collaborators" in all procedures and will be able to collect animals and transfer them to protection centres if the Municipality doesn't have specialist personnel.

Identification chips will be mandatory for cats as well as dogs and measures such as sterilisation will be carried out by the Government in collaboration with Consells, Town Halls, Collegiate Veterinary Physicians and Animal Protection Organisations, to prevent overpopulation.

The final draft of the legislation was compiled by the President of the Government Francina Armengol and the departments of Health and Agriculture.

Animals raised to be consumed at a later date, for use in laboratories, wild fauna and those that are protected, or are threatened or invasive species are exempt from the new law.


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Mr B / Hace 12 months

What about the welfare of the Palma Horses and the captive dolphins etc etc etc


Carolyn / Hace 12 months

At last! Moving into the 21st century and putting long overdue value on animal welfare. Still a way to go. Education. Compulsory subsidized spay/neuter. And harsh penalties for animal abuse & neglect.