Police raids in Palma. | @ORBITSS11

The "Alazán" Group of the National Police Force, aka the Covid Police busted at least 20 illegal parties at the weekend and issued sanctions for breaking the curfew, excess capacity, not complying with social distancing and having sex in public.

The Green Patrol, National Police and Tourism Inspectors issued 107 sanctions in 48 hours, including 60 for non-compliance with Covid health measures, 21 for administrative issues and licenses and 5 for drug use.

When a Police patrol entered a well-known establishment on the Passeo Marítimo on Saturday some waiters allegedly ran away and more than 15 young people who were on the terrace also disappeared when they saw the Officers arriving.

More than 100 people were inside the premises and many of them were allegedly not wearing face masks or observing social distancing rules.

Police also raided a bar in the Virgen de Lluc neighbourhood of Palma after a tip off that a party was underway. 22 people were sanctioned for alleged non-compliance with the curfew and 4 sanctions were raised against the owner.

Officers have been scouring social networks to track illegal parties and their research let to several parties and one orgy being shut down.

Several people made a run for it when they saw the Police and some apparently jumped from balconies, windows and rooftops to avoid being fined.

Police say a South American girl called Jéssica who came to Palma to celebrate her birthday was sanctioned for attending an illegal party on Friday, then caught again 24 hours later celebrating with a large number of people in a bar in Plaza Serralta.

"This is the second time you’ve screwed up my birthday,” she allegedly told Officers.

A pizza restaurant was also sanctioned for delivering food to a home after curfew.