Shoppers in Palma.

Shoppers in Palma.

11-12-2020Ultima Hora

Police are threatening to shut down the streets of Palma if they spot crowding in the city centre.

Mallorca has been elevated to level 4 and a number of strict new regulations have been introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

More Local Police will be deployed on the streets of Palma on public holidays and at weekends, particularly in Paseo des Born, La Rambla, Carrer de Sant Miquel and Plaça Major to prevent crowding and if necessary they will stop pedestrians from entering.

Capacity has been reduced to 30% at gyms; a maximum of 6 students are allowed to attend classes held in closed rooms and capacity is limited to 50% at pools.

The School of Music will continue as normal because it is considered a special regime and Nursery Schools can stay open with the necessary health protocols in place.

Capacity is restricted to 50% at all Cultural activities.

Occupancy on EMT buses is restricted to 70% with passengers allowed to use all of the seats and 50% of standing space. More buses have been added to lines where demand is high with buses arriving every 8-15 minutes.

Bars and restaurants inside markets can only offer food to take away.

Social Justice:
Face-to-face activities at Flassaders will be done online and activities in Youth Spaces is limited to 6 people.

The Palma Christmas lights will be switched off at 22:00 in Passeig del Born, Carrer de la Unió, La Rambla, Avenida Jaume III, Plaça Major and Plaça de Santa Eulàlia and Parc de la Mar Christmas tree.

The Municipal Funeral Home has announced that its freezing rates for 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The next plenary session will take place online on Thursday.


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bentlyal / Hace 12 months

I thought streets being public paid by tax payers to keep maintained by tax payers.. yet another strike against civil rights and freedoms... good lord.. do we have any strong men and women left in this world to stand up to this tyranny ?