Can Joan de s'Aigo, Palma.

Can Joan de s'Aigo, Palma.

16-12-2020Jaume Morey

There are a lot fewer bars and restaurants open in Palma now because only those with a terrace or outside space are able to stay open, which is devastating for owners and really disappointing for people who’s Christmas plans have been scuppered.

"We had between 3,000 and 4,000 party reservations and we had to cancel,” said Guillem Garí, owner of Es Cruce restaurant.

Closed because of health restrictions sign, Palma.

Some bars and restaurants are hoping to reopen on December 28, but that will depend on whether the restrictions are relaxed for New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day.

“Health is a top priority and we understand why the measures were taken, but we don’t understand why it has changed so quickly,” says Felip Jerez from Es Parc restaurant in Selva. “One minute restaurants are closing at 22:00 for the curfew and the next minute the Government announces a ban on indoor service and changes the closing time to 18:00 on weekends.”

Palma bar & restaurant closures.

There's little doubt that the tighter restrictions are a huge blow to bar owners and restaurateurs who’ve already shelled out thousands on food that won’t keep.

"Restaurants work with perishable food and we’ve already put in numerous orders for parties, so owners and suppliers will suffer huge losses," explains Jerez.

"Not knowing how much food we need to buy or when we will be allowed to open makes things really complicated," adds Garí.

Can Joan de s’Aigo is one of the most famous restaurants in Palma, but it’s having to close its shop in Carrer de Can Sanç because there’s no terrace.

It's a firm favourite with families, especially on Christmas Eve and the owners are determined that customers shouldn't have to go without their traditional ensaimadas, so a take-away service will be available at Can Joan de S'Aigo in Carrer del Baró Santa Maria del Sepulcre and Carrer del Sindicat and if the restrictions are extended, they’ll consider doing home deliveries.

Palma bar & restaurant closures.


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