Anticatarrhal Medicine at Palma Pharmacy.

Anticatarrhal Medicine at Palma Pharmacy.

19-12-2020Ultima Hora

In the run up to Christmas demand for Anticatarrhal medicine, mucolytic expectorant, antipyretic drugs, analgesics and flu remedies usually goes through the roof, but this year demand has actually dropped significantly and experts say it's probably because people have been wearing face masks and social distancing.

"Last year we sold around 40 of these drugs every day, whereas this year we are dispensing one or two," said one pharmacist.

The shelves in pharmacies are heaving with products to treat different respiratory tract infections, but very few people are buying them.

“This situation is normal because people are being protected by the measures that they’re taking to avoid contracting coronavirus,” said the President of the Official College of Pharmacists, Antoni Real, who also pointed out that it’s too soon to celebrate a fall in winter ailments because January is usually the worst month for colds and flu in the Balearic Islands.


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