Squatters take over Inca farm.

Squatters take over Inca farm.

19-12-2020M.À. Cañellas

Four squatters who are allegedly, illegally occupying a farm in Inca are refusing to budge, claiming they bought the property fair and square.

"This farm is ours, we bought it for 2,000 euros,” they told Local Police and Guardia Civil Officers who tried to evict them.

Pedro Ferrer Rigo, who’s one of the owners of Can Panxeta, says the family feels desperate and completely powerless.

“This could last for months, and in the meantime we are left without the farm but we still have to pay for the water and electricity. It’s crazy,” he said.

“My cousin, who’s also my neighbour called me on Friday, November 27 and told me that there were people on the farm which was left to us by my late father,” he explains.

Rustic property

The farm, which is located on the old road between Inca and Pollensa, is owned by four brothers and their families who make sure someone visits the property every day.

Pedro's daughter went to pick oranges on the morning that the squatters took over the property and says she is positive there was no-one there at that time.

"They claim that they’ve been in the house for a week, but that’s not true,” says Pedro, who went to the farm with his family as soon as he found out that the squatters had moved in to Can Panxeta, but they wouldn’t allow him to enter the property. "They broke into the finca then told Local Police that they’d bought the property for 2,000 euros."

"Do you think this farm is only worth 2,000 euros?" a Municipal Official asked one of the squatters when they claimed they'd bought it.

"They’re taking us for fools and we can't do a thing about it” complained Pedro, who admits that he lost his temper when the squatters refused to leave.

“I was very angry because what is happening is just not normal, they are on our farm and we can't do anything about it,” he blasts. “We have to keep paying the bills, we can’t cut the power because they tell us that will just make things worse.”

Two of the squatters are reportedly from Morocco, one is a woman from Selva and the fourth is a Spaniard.


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