The information board at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport

The information board at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

21-12-2020Jorge Zapata

Only Spanish citizens and residents of Spain will be allowed to travel from the UK from Tuesday. Spain has joined other countries worldwide in a partial block on flights from the United Kingdom because of fears about the new coronavirus variant.

Spain had initially resisted calls to make a total ban, but the Spanish government has now taken the decision. The government is also strengthening border control with Portugal.

Spain’s decision was taken in conjunction with Portugal and will also mean a reinforcement of the controls at the border with Gibraltar, where the UK government has confirmed that the new variant has been detected.

Unlike most other countries, which have banned all flights from the UK, the Spanish decision does mean that flights will continue but only for Spanish citizens and residents.

The Netherlands was the first country to announce a flight ban. By mid-afternoon on Monday, dozens of other countries had announced bans as well.

In Europe, Austria has banned flights from midnight of 21 December; Belgium is closing the border with the UK for at least 24 hours (as of midnight); Bulgaria has announced a restriction until December 31, with UK residents in Bulgaria allowed to return to the country; Croatia has a restriction for 48 hours; the Czech Republic has suspended flights between the UK and the Czech Republic; Denmark has banned all flights until Wednesday at least; Estonia's ban is until January 1; there are restrictions on flights to and from Finland until January 4; France is restricting all travel for 48 hours; Germany has banned flights to and from the UK until December 31; Ireland has banned flights from Great Britain for 48 hours, but is permitting flights into the UK; Italy has suspended flights until January 6; Latvia has banned flights; Lithuania's restrictions last until December 31; Luxembourg has banned all flights for an initial 24-hour period; Malta has temporarily suspended flights from the UK; the Netherlands have banned flights to and from the UK until January 1; Norway has temporarily suspended flights from the UK; Poland has suspended flights to and from the UK; Portugal's ban is the same as Spain's in that Portuguese citizens and residents can fly in; Romania has banned all flights to and from the UK for fourteen days; Switzerland has suspended flights to and from the UK until further notice.


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Silverbird / Hace 11 months

Am I correct in thinking that, in Spain, the term "Resident" can cover someone who owns a property and uses it as their permanent home, or someone who owns a property and uses it occasionally as a holiday home, or someone who owns a property and rents it out to someone else long or short term, or someone who lives in Spain in rented property? Whether any of those people actually pay their income tax in Spain seems immaterial. Weird. Especially now that only "Residents" will be able to fly in and out. That covers quite a few people !


Larrie Thompson / Hace 11 months

I had my PCR test all booked for Wed 23rd to make sure it was ready for our flight on 26th Dec. We won't be able to fly now, however, the airline is still flying so no refund! I can't believe if people are prepared to pay £100 - £150 a time to prove the are Covid free that the government doesn't want them in. We have an apartment and would like nothing more than to spend time/money on the Island and are happy to adhere to the restrictions. Gutted we've got to cancel everything - just grateful we hadn't already had the test like many people. We can't wait to return to the Island as soon as is possible.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Just two hours ago, I arrived from Valencia with Air Europa, where I flew to earlier this morning. The so called totally sealed Communidad de Valencia was a joke (again). No checks, no controls, no questions. I just walked in this morning and got my rental car. My return to Mallorca however was very different. Very well organised, with seperate lanes for PCR negative, no PCR and with or withhout FCS. I had made my FCS form online and had my QR code immediately, before I left Valencia. So as I was less than 72 hours away from Mallorca, I could just walk out of the Airport. But, there is no escape for arriving nacionals or residents now. So in that respect, they have done well organising this so quickly and efficiently.


Stan / Hace 11 months

Spanish people brought the virus from mainland to Mallorca. No checks at the Airport allowed them in. Now both Spanish people and Residents of Spain and the Baleares, Canaria will be allowed to enter. Any one of these people could have the new variant virus. I do hope there are strict checks on those being allowed to enter. Otherwise this new rule will be useless.