Shoppers in Palma.

Shoppers in Palma.

27-12-2020Ultima Hora

The new, even tighter restrictions announced by the Balearic Government on Sunday have not gone down well.

From Tuesday, December 29, all bars, cafes and restaurants must close at 18:00 and shops, small businesses, petrol stations and supermarkets, except those that affect essential activity, must close at 20:00.

Shopping malls and centres with areas of more than 700 metres will not be allowed to open on weekends or on holidays, so they will be closed on January 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 10.

Supermarkets employer ANGED has blasted the decision to close shops on two of the biggest weekends of the year, saying it will be counterproductive.

ANGED has stressed that it doesn’t object to the earlier closing time or the capacity restrictions in stores and car parks but warned that closing on those two weekends is a big mistake.

It means that people won’t be able to do their shopping for the Three Kings Day holiday until January 4 and 5, so there will be a lot more people in the shops on those days than there would be if the shops were open on January 2 and 3.


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Roger / Hace 11 months

Get over it!!....the supermarkets and largest stores have the least of all to complain about...their self-obsession will do them no good in the long term.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

I am not a supermarket owner, but I totally agree with ANGED. Now you get hords of people trying to shop at the same time. It shows the lack of vision of this government. For Armengol and her posse, it is about the power and not the sense of it. In most other countries they allow supermarkets and such like to stay open for that reason. So shopping can be spread out.


James T. / Hace 11 months

If people and businesses don't self-regulate governments will regulate for them. That's not a new principle so should not be a surprise to anyone. If people want to be treated like responsible adults they need to behave like responsible adults - and right now, they're not.