FAN Mallorca.

FAN Mallorca.

29-12-2020Teresa Ayuga

Concerns over the new restrictions that ban big shops from opening for the next two weekends and force them to close their doors at 20:00 until January 11 fell on deaf ears on Tuesday.

Despite a collective plea to rethink the closures from Large Stores in the Balearic Islands included in ANGED, Shopping Centres and Supermarkets associated with AEDAS, Afedeco, Pimeco and CCOO and UGT Union Reps who said that if these new restrictions are extended “many companies won't be able to cope with the fall in income.”

But the Vice President and Energy, Transition & Productive Sector Minister, Juan Pedro Yllanes refused to buckle, telling them in no uncertain terms that there will be no Government u-turn.

"The measures are intended to restrict mobility to reduce the number of infections with the aim of trying to restore normality,” he said.

Representatives of ANGED and AEDAS stressed that these measures are even more restrictive than the ones imposed in March "because we are not even allowed to have supermarkets open in large centres now."

Afedeco President Antoni Gayá, and Pimeco President Antoni Fuster said after the meeting that the Government is determined to stop crowding at any cost.

"The new measures are harsh but it would be worse if we were confined at home, so we will wait," sayd Gayá." We are at a critical juncture and companies are already considering doing ERTE in case the restrictions are extended."

“The closure of premises at 20:00 doesn’t make much difference because 90% of companies already close at that time and if supermarkets are closed consumers will have to shop at small convenience stores, added Fuster. “We'll see what happens this weekend.”

The Government's measures have come up short, because they left out public transport,” pointed out UGT Head, Antonio Copete. “We just hope that the situation will improve because the goal is for us to have a tourist season."


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Boris / Hace 11 months

The government is so, well, I would want to use the word STUPID, but that would be not appropriate on an online forum. Logic dictates that if you want shops to be less crowded, you need to INCREASE opening hours, not limit them. Today I was near Carrefour near Palma Ocimax and it was a madhouse! Thank you very much, Mrs. Armengol and your corrupt gang.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

In my opinion, closing the big supermarkets, is having the opposite effect, as smaller supermarkets will be heaving with people. What they should have done, is allow 1 person to shop and not whole families or couples. This is how it was during the main lock down and to me, that seem to work quite well as it was never crowded. The current measures are just not very well thougth through....