Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister. | Stefan Rousseau/Pool via Reuters

England will be under lockdown again from midnight on Monday for the third time to try to stem the spread of the new highly-infectious variant of Covid-19.

Medics have warned that the NHS is on the verge of collapse with several hospitals in the country completely overwhelmed.

Under the new restrictions all schools and colleges will be closed and students will once again be taught remotely.

University students will not be allowed to go back to class and will complete their studies online.

Nurseries will stay open.

People told to work from home unless they absolutely cannot do so.

Exercising is allowed with those who live in the same house or with one person from another household.

People can only leave home to buy essential food and medicine supplies, to get medical help, to help a vulnerable person, to seek medical care or if they feel under threat.

Takeaway food deliveries can continue but must be alcohol free.

Professional sports are allowed but amateur team sports are banned and all outdoor sports centres like gyms, tennis courts and golf courses are closed.

Those in risk groups are advised to stay at home and only go out if they need to see the doctor.

Scotland has also issued new restrictions and people will only be allowed to leave home in emergencies such as for medical supplies, to seek medical care or to help someone who’s vulnerable. All schools are closed until February and children will return to remote learning.

All school and college students in Wales will also move to remote learning for the next two weeks at least.