Oh Limpia Cleaners, Montserrat Sáenz, Suzanne Stasiak, Encarnación Pozo y Dolores Bermejo. | Ultima Hora

Cleaners who work at the Calvia Local Police Barracks are to be given an award for all their hard work and dedication during the toughest months of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Oh Limpia’ employees: Suzanne María Stasiak; Montserrat Sáenz; Encarnación Pozo and Dolores Bermejo are being honoured "in recognition of their special dedication, effort and care in maintaining, cleaning and disinfecting Police Stations in the special circumstances caused by the pandemic."

The decoration was proposed by Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez and Local Councillors who pointed out that despite the difficulties of the confinement, the mood of the people and the fear of possible contagion, the cleaning staff continued their daily work with total dedication.

"Their dedication and professionalism deserves the gratitude of all," says Mayor Rodriguez Badal.