Intensive care, Mallorca

The number of patients in intensive care is increasing.

05-01-2021Teresa Ayuga

The Tuesday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 567 new positive cases of coronavirus. Based on 5,436 tests, the test rate is 10.43%. Of the 567, 459 are in Mallorca, 59 in Ibiza, 48 in Minorca and one in Formentera.

In hospitals in the Balearics there are now 454 patients, 22 more than on Monday. In Mallorca there are 327 patients on wards and 92 in intensive care. Ibiza has 23 patients on wards and seven in ICU, while Minorca has two patients on wards and three in intensive care.

In Minorca, the medical director of the Mateu Orfila Hospital, Tamara Contreras, has described the health situation on the island as "critical", given the 48 new positives. On Tuesday, she appealed to the public to avoid gatherings for Three Kings, to maintain family bubbles and to keep safe distance and masks on when spending time with relatives. "This is a critical time, and we don't as yet know the impact of New Year's Eve."

A further 49 people have been discharged from hospital, while 156 more who were being monitored by primary care have recovered. In total, the health service is currently attending to 9,249 people in the Balearics.

The ministry has confirmed four more deaths. The total since the start of the pandemic is 481.


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Rich / Hace 11 months

The link above takes you to a very simple, direct and easy to understand breakdown of covid infections and their effects on mallorca health care. It even states that the current healthcare available would likely be able to handle a third wave. Go to the link and read it all for yourselves.


Ryan / Hace 11 months

Rich, those numbers will never see the light of day. It doesn’t fit the narrative. So there are 92 people in the ICU and so we should assume they’re all Covid related? I suppose nobody ever went to the ICU prior to Covid, right? In other news, the WHO has finally confirmed what we all knew, that PCR test have elevated risk for false SARS-CoV-2 result positives.


Rich / Hace 11 months

I would like to know the asymptomatic figures alongside the figure of those receiving treatment. The figures given to us seem to want to scare us. What is the total number of those who received and the deaths as a percentage of the balearic population? I just want us to be given more context.