Mallorca. | Ultima Hora

The Consell de Mallorca is planning to launch a highly ambitious tourism promotional campaign in Europe before the end of March via a star-studded video which will be broadcast on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other networks.

With the help of the Fundació Mallorca Turisme, famous actors and a prestigious Director the Consell de Mallorca plans to highlight the best that the Island has to offer to attract more visitors, according to Tourism Adviser, Andreu Serra.

"We are currently in the pre-production phase, contacting people and negotiating contracts so that we can start shooting the video," explains Serra who says he appreciates Consell President Catalina Cladera’s commitment to getting the economy back on track, create jobs revitalise Mallorca's Tourism Industry.

"With our experience and material from the 'Mallorca in the foreground' project that was presented in the last edition of Fitur-Madrid, we’ll produce a short video highlighting the safety and sustainability of Mallorca and how it’s evolved with products that compliment the sunshine and beautiful beaches that Mallorca traditionally offers,” said Serra. The video will show another side of Mallorca to the world and promote the Island as a safe destination amid the crisis caused by the pandemic.”


“It’s an ambitious project that we want to complete in late March and immediately launch it on Amazon, Netflix and other main channels, particularly in the UK, Germany and Scandinavian,” said Serra who’s planning to present the finished project at the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Bernilale Film Festival.

"These are festivals where we already have a presence through the Mallorca Film Commission, which will allows us to reach international markets and influence the message we want to promote."

The project will have to be completed quick smart to reach all the European emitting markets before April and the Consell de Mallorca is already reaching out to the main television channels in Europe to seal the deal.

The video doesn’t have a title yet and the budget for it hasn’t been disclosed either, but that’s likely to depend on the calibre of the Director and Actors that are hired.

“There is a lot of interest in the project and we want to reach the source markets as soon as possible,” says Serra. “Once the video is finished we will plan its promotion and sign all the necessary agreements, so that we can impact European countries before the summer season.”