A total of 408 Covid patients in Mallorca's hospitals. | Teresa Ayuga

The Balearic health service has reported 942 new positive cases of coronavirus over a 48-hour period. No figures were released on Wednesday, but the Thursday report indicates there being 794 new cases in Mallorca, 116 in Ibiza, 31 in Minorca and one in Formentera.

For the last 24-hour period, there were 310 cases - 269 in Mallorca, 27 in Ibiza, fourteen in Minorca and none in Formentera. The test rate for these 310 cases was 10.09% (3,072 tests).

A total of 39,064 cases since the start of the pandemic have now been recorded. At present, the health service is attending to 9,247 people. In the hospitals, there are 343 Covid patients on wards (sixteen fewer than on Tuesday) - 318 in Mallorca, 22 in Ibiza, and three in Minorca. Of Covid patients in intensive care units, there are 90 in Mallorca, eight in Ibiza and three in Minorca. The total is down one.

Over the 48-hour period, 49 patients were discharged from hospital and a further 794 recovered.

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The ministry has not announced any further fatalities. The total remains 481.