Son Espases, where staff holidays are being cancelled. | Archive

The SATSE nursing union has denounced what it describes as Balearic ministry of health "abuse of power" in having cancelled holidays by staff at Son Espases Hospital "until further notice".

The union maintains that this measure violates the "civil and labour rights" of staff at the main public hospital in the Balearics. The staff are "once again defenceless against the arbitrary, unjustified and disproportionate actions" of Josep Pomar, the Son Espases general manager. The instruction, the union adds, even contemplates revoking reductions in working hours for the caring of children or dependent relatives.

SATSE said on Thursday that it has been warning about the shortage of nurses for years, the manifest lack of capacity and the "serious lack of planning" shown by IB-Salut and certain management groups, such as the one at Son Espases.

The union blames management for the current lack of staff and for the impossibility of counting on more wards, new intensive care beds and other essential resources. "All of this is due to the ineffectiveness and passive and complacent attitude" of IB-Salut management.

Towards the end of last month, it was reported that IB-Salut had asked staff to give up their holidays until the situation improves and that many had already done so.