Call for limit on fireworks. | Ultima Hora

Podemos is calling for a limit on the use of fireworks in the Balearic Islands to be included in the draft law for the Protection & Defence of Animals, which is currently being processed.

"We want a law on maxims, it's okay with the latest draft, but there are other proposals we can explore and that's one," said Podemos Parliamentary Spokesperson Alejandro Lopez, who added that several Animal Protection Organisations are also calling for limitations and said social media networks are full of messages calling for a cut back on fireworks.

Several Government Ministries are already debating the issue and drafting proposals.

"We have held several meetings and now we are waiting to unify the two drafts and compare them with State Law, which is also pending approval, in case it contains measures that go beyond the Regional proposals,” said the Director General of Rights & Diversity, Pau Morlà.

The PSIB has also expressed a willingness to study measures to avoid stress on pets, but admitted there are difficulties.

"We are clear about what we want, but we must be cautious," they said.

There is little doubt that the issue of fireworks is gathering pace and may well lead to Municipal Ordinances or specific regulations being amended.


The new animal protection law toughens sanctions against abuse, adds new crimes, makes identification chips mandatory for dogs and cats and puts the Local Police in charge of collecting stray animals and taking them to shelters.