New Coronavirus Restrictions in Mallorca.

New Coronavirus Restrictions in Mallorca.

08-01-2021Teresa Ayuga

On Monday, the Balearic government will approve an order closing bars, restaurants, gyms and large stores in Mallorca for a period of fifteen days. In the case of large stores, all of them over 700 square metres will have to close. Only those selling food, hygiene and health care products will be able to open - supermarkets, therefore.

In the case of restaurants, home delivery and order collection will be permitted. The closing time for small shops will remain 8pm; capacity is 30%. Public attendance at any sporting event is to be prohibited.

These measures will apply from Tuesday. In announcing them, health minister Patricia Gómez drew attention to there having been 707 new positive cases of coronavirus in the Balearics over the previous 24 hours. These cases gave a test rate of 12.95%.

Gómez added that the epidemiological situation in Mallorca is one of "extreme risk". Government spokesperson Pilar Costa stated that the government is calling on the public to carry out only "minimal and essential activity" and thus maintain safety at work and in education and the health of the elderly.

For now, the government has chosen not to order a perimeter lockdown of Palma. Costa observed that the measures will restrict mobility.


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Alex Brittan / Hace 11 months

Dear James ,

2 million dead people in a year .

Unknown number of asymptomatic carriers / shedders in the environment.

Please rethink your position. The frustration is understandable but please think objectively.

Look to the UK, Brazil and USA for hard evidence of what the ramifications are of not managing this correctly.

Look at what 8 weeks of criminally negligent tourism to the Balearic has caused now.

Start to think about the long term problems of this specific virus - can it be passed trans-placentals to new borns ?

Will it cause chronic intestinal and cardiac problems to otherwise asymptomatic carriers - as it does in other species.

I urge you to re align your time lines.

Locking out the virus from our lives will continue to be paramount for the next 12 months

And yes a vaccine programme is vital to the resumption of near normal , but that is still at least 12nmonths away.

Hunker down, stay safe

Warm regards

Dr Alex Brittan. BVSc. MRCVS


John Feltham / Hace 11 months

Lockdown in full until covid19 is beaten is the only forward


Harry / Hace 11 months

OK Mark, answer these questions.Why weren’t masks obligatory during the 3 month lockdown and for a month after it ? Why were we made to use gloves during the lockdown and not afterwards ? Why did a reporter from this newspaper declare in June on live TV that Mallorca was “Covid free” ?


Rich / Hace 11 months

If you look at the policies they appear to be cramming more and more people into smaller spaces. Social distancing works, as proven by the lockdown. Closing a large shop where people are spread out more and keeping small shops open , even at 30% capacity goes against social distancing.


James / Hace 11 months

People want there life's back. And all these regulations are starting to become to normal. Most people don't care. And to be honest this virus kills 0.3% so it's not a Pandemic. You have more chance of dying slipping in the shower. People have been brainwashed by the fear from the media and politicians. The most sensible solution to this would be to shield the vulnerable and get vaccinating the people who want the vaccine. And move on from this nonsense before all of these regulations and laws become the New normal. And nobody has anything left. Its insanity what people are going along with.


Rich / Hace 11 months

I distinctly remember Armengol telling us that that the last round of measures would be enough. I give in, the woman needs to control her mouth or her 'experts. The whole thing is one big s**t show.


Zoe / Hace 11 months

What is the point of new measure if the measures have not worked out so far? As Mark aptly put it big part of the responsibility is with the people themselves. Not wearing masks, not stick to the rules of social distancing,,, we could all do our bit. I have been a semi sceptic myself , but observe all the rule simply because I know it is something new and we do not know a whole lot about it , even after a year. Best try to be safe than sorry.


Gabriel / Hace 11 months

@Mark agree with you, except the glove part. That I never understood. You enter the shop, they disinfect your hands. Then they give you gloves. Why? Your hands are already clean. This was happening during the lockdown. But I think the best would have been to set two weeks of lockdown, get us 'clean' again, then get back to what we had before (I mean after the lockdown). That way, in two weeks, bars and restaurants can stay alive. Like this, they were forced to close for a few months already.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Gómez added that the epidemiological situation in Mallorca is one of "extreme risk". If only the people of Mallorca knew. As what I see of it, hardly anybody gives a damn. Noses sticking out of masks everywhere. Grotty, dirty, week or more old mask work by a lot of people, no distancing, people grabbing fruit and food without gloves and putting it back, etc etc.