New Coronavirus Restrictions in Mallorca. | Teresa Ayuga

On Monday, the Balearic government will approve an order closing bars, restaurants, gyms and large stores in Mallorca for a period of fifteen days. In the case of large stores, all of them over 700 square metres will have to close. Only those selling food, hygiene and health care products will be able to open - supermarkets, therefore.

In the case of restaurants, home delivery and order collection will be permitted. The closing time for small shops will remain 8pm; capacity is 30%. Public attendance at any sporting event is to be prohibited.

These measures will apply from Tuesday. In announcing them, health minister Patricia Gómez drew attention to there having been 707 new positive cases of coronavirus in the Balearics over the previous 24 hours. These cases gave a test rate of 12.95%.

Gómez added that the epidemiological situation in Mallorca is one of "extreme risk". Government spokesperson Pilar Costa stated that the government is calling on the public to carry out only "minimal and essential activity" and thus maintain safety at work and in education and the health of the elderly.

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For now, the government has chosen not to order a perimeter lockdown of Palma. Costa observed that the measures will restrict mobility.