An empty Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Playa de Palma hoteliers demanding more rapid vaccination.

08-01-2021Pilar Pellicer

The Playa de Palma Hoteliers Association warned on Friday that if the vaccination programme is not accelerated, this year's tourism season will be lost.

The association said that "if the slow rate of vaccination continues, the coming season is at risk". The health situation in the Balearics, the association noted, "is very worrying". There needs to be "vaccination plan efficiency and transparency from the regional government".

The association's president, Isabel Vidal, pointed out that countries which provide tourists are doing much better in terms of vaccination. "We cannot start the season without a very high percentage of the islands' population being vaccinated."

José Antonio Alarcón, the vice-president, observed that a tourist who is vaccinated "will not choose a destination where more of the population is not vaccinated than is". "If we don't step on the gas, the economic situation is going to be serious. The Balearics must have the highest percentage of the population vaccinated before the start of the season in order to send a message of confidence to the supplier markets."

Vidal added that there needs to be 24-hour vaccination seven days a week. "We are in a global health emergency situation. If there isn't a speeding-up, there will be no tourism and the Balearic economy will be in serious danger."


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Juan love / Hace 9 months

It's all very well being able to pack your bags after being told you have a negative, but what if you catch the virus AFTER the test? Especially if you consider travelling is one of the most likely places of this happening?


John Feltham / Hace 9 months

2021 hoildays in malllorca will not happen with covid19 cases going up and vaccine being slow and covid19 test before you get there yes its going to be a bad year so we will have to get used to it and start to plan for 2022 now a hope it gets better by then


TJ / Hace 9 months

What FACT are you referring to Mark, where have you categorically seen that?


Mark / Hace 9 months

The season has gone 2021 will not happen ,FACT !


Pamela Cropper / Hace 9 months

I long to come back to Majorca. I transferred my booking from 2020 to 2021. I have been inoculated. Have the vaccine it is safe. See you in Porto Cristo.


Adam / Hace 9 months

Sorry , experts have said already that the Vaccine is no garrentee that you will not get Corona it could help to keep you from getting very seriously ill from Corona but it is no guarantee that you will not get it , and it will have an impact on your immune system also there are several types of this Vaccine so study which one would be best they are quite different types !


James T / Hace 9 months

If this isn't in place, tourists will face restrictions when they return to their home countries. We've expected a vaccine to be ready around the year end since late summer... The plans are not in place to deliver it and that is negligenr and or reckless, from both a health and finance perspective. It's shamefull that the west allowed the virus to get so out of control; now we can't organise a vaccination campaign. Shamefull...


Lisa / Hace 9 months

This it spot on. If Mallorca wants to be first in the line for returning tourists, the population needs to be vaccinated. Tourists will feel safe. Those employed in the tourism industry will feel safe. It’s a win, win.