Infection is spreading much more rapidly. | Jaume Morey

On Saturday, the broadcaster IB3 highlighted the fact that the number of coronavirus cases in the Balearics had risen by ten thousand in the space of twenty days. This was compared to a 213-day period from March to September, which was how long it had taken for the first ten thousand cases to be registered.

With the total having reached 40,295, according to the health ministry's report on Saturday, the progress in the number of cases can be broken down into four blocks: the first ten thousand from March to the start of September; 59 days from September to October to reach 20,000; 48 days between the start of November to December to amass 30,000; and 20 days to get to 40,000.

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The current 14-day cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 in the Balearics (up to January 7, that is) is 558.1, an increase of 22.5 in seven days.