Víctor Sánchez, Palma. | Emilio Queirolo

Víctor Sánchez runs the ‘As de Tablas’ restaurant in s’Escorxador with a partner and he says he’s at the end of his tether with the coronavirus restrictions, which he believes are too harsh and will lead to failure and bankruptcy.

So he’s called a rally to demonstrate against the closure of bars and restaurants in Palma.

He says tons of people have congratulated him for uniting the Restaurant Sector against the Government's measures and that several hundred have already indicated via Facebook that they’ll join the rally on Tuesday.

"The call to rally has been a huge success,” says Víctor who reveals that “concern over having to close for 15 days” prompted his call for action. “We can't even open for home deliveries because we're in a mall, but the Government doesn’t see beyond its own benefit and takes decisions lightly without consulting the public and business owners.”

Víctor claims there’s been no direct or indirect assistance.

Politicians have to put health first, of course, but they have overlooked the fact that without an economy many of us will no longer have health,” he says.


Víctor also admits that the situation at ‘As de Tablas’ is very worrying.

“Until recently I had two premises and now I only have one left and out of 23 staff I have two left in ERTE and we have already thought about putting up the transfer sign,” he says.

“We have expenses of 1,300 euros a month, there are cold rooms, bottlers and refrigerators and rent and expenses for s’Escorxador come to more than 3,700 euros, it's outrageous."

The rally will take place on Tuesday at 11:00 in front of the Consolat de la Mar in Palma.