Only members from the same family nucleus can get together

Only members from the same family nucleus can get together.

11-01-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

On Monday, the Balearic government announced a further measure to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

As from Wednesday, social gatherings in Mallorca and Ibiza are to be limited to people from the same household. There will be certain exceptions. People who live alone can be part of a single, extended unit. Minors can meet parents if they live at different addresses, as can couples if they don't live together. A further exception applies to anyone who has to go to a different address to care for others. This measure will be in force until January 30 at least; it does not affect the likes of places of work or schools.

Government spokesperson Pilar Costa said that "the Covid pandemic is far from being eradicated in the islands, although we are hopeful of the vaccine". All four islands are at risk, with the 14-day cumulative incidence per 100,000 in the Balearics as a whole being 513.39, but 617.50 in Mallorca, 590.94 in Ibiza, 280 in Minorca, and 222.94 in Formentera. Mallorca, Costa noted, has "very slow progress towards improvement, starting from a situation of extreme risk".

The restriction on social gatherings comes on top of other measures announced last Friday and over the weekend. These include a ban on fiesta activities; the closure of bars and restaurants (except for home delivery and order collection); the closure of all establishments at 8pm, with certain exceptions - food or essential products, petrol stations and hairdressers; a 50% reduction in capacity or 30% reduction if larger than 700 square metres; the closure of non-essential stores of 700 square metres or more; 30% capacity in theatres, cinemas and marquees, where the consumption of food is banned; the closure of spas and gyms; a ban on the public attending sports events of any category.

Buses will have limited capacity and there will be no standing. On the Metro, standing will be allowed in places where this is indicated. People who are at risk are being advised not to use public transport. The government is also recommending people to be home by 8pm and to visit commercial establishments on their own.


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Rich / Hace 11 months

Thinking you can defeat covid is an aim put forward by the inadequate. Controlling it is the sensible aim. Draw your own conclusions as to the intelligence of Armengol and he junta and her 'experts'.


Rich / Hace 11 months

Just glancing at the european cases per 100,000, we are able to award the Armengol government the bronze or perhaps the silver medal as being useless in the face of an epidemic. Even worse than Boris.


Rich / Hace 11 months

Apparently Armengol was heard to utter 'let them eat cake'.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

I am a little surprise that the height of the fines is not mentioned, as usually that is the first and foremost thing communicated in Spain? Besides, who is going to control all this?

But, maybe it will help with the third wave caused by announcing the closure of shopping centres, where thousands upon thousands gathered to do there last shopping Friday, today and now tomorrow too. I have seen the huge queue´s for Fan, Festival Park etc. Ridiculous.


Gary / Hace 11 months

Sack them. They are worse than useless.


Steven / Hace 11 months

I do wonder if as much effort was invested in the vaccine if these rules would be unnecessary. I thought the UK rules were complex with constant changing, but they appear to change weekly and sometimes daily in the Balearics.