Rubbish container in Llucmajor. | Ajuntament de Llucmajor

A man has been sanctioned for dumping construction debris in a rubbish container in Llucmajor.

Local Police say a local resident informed them of the violation after allegedly witnessing building materials being thrown into a container on Calle Estepa on the Les Palmeres urbanisation.

Police say they found three sacks containing electrical wiring, joint paste, gypsum boards, insulation and other materials.

"We cannot have a sustainable town if there are people who don’t comply with the rules," said Mayor Eric Jareño. "We will continue to persecute all those who violate Municipal regulations because this action is also offensive to builders who are following the rules in Llucmajor."

Dumping construction debris is classified as a very serious infraction with fines of up to 3,000 euros.