Patricia Gómez, Balearic health minister

Patricia Gómez, Balearic health minister.

12-01-2021Jaume Morey

Patricia Gómez, the Balearic health minister, said on Tuesday that there is some "stabilisation" of the incidence of new coronavirus cases but stressed that "we cannot stabilise at 600 cases a day".

Comparing the Balearics to other Spanish regions, Gómez noted that the cumulative incidence since the end of December has risen by 12%, whereas it has climbed by as much as 185% elsewhere. Given this, she concluded that the situation "seems a little more stable" but described the 640 new cases reported on Tuesday as "a very significant increase". Some of them will enter hospital wards and others intensive care.

On the situation in the hospitals, Gómez explained that there are 302 ICU beds available; there were, as of Tuesday, 113 patients in intensive care. She said that the health service is responding and that capacity "can always be increased". The minister accepted that there is growing pressure but emphasised that "no one has been left without an ICU bed if they have needed it". She added that a critical unit at Palma's Palacio de Congresos is planned, if required. Anticipating that demand for intensive care "may continue to increase a bit", she said that "we hope it can be contained and this is why all the measures have been adopted".

The data at present still reflect the consequences of the Christmas period. On Monday, she noted, some people were going to health centres with symptoms from December 30 and 31 and January 1.

The minister defended the tightening of measures over the holidays and hoped that the increase in incidence will not be as great as in other regions. Fifteen days are not usually enough to see the effect of measures, and so it will be later this week and next week before the impact of restrictions introduced for the holidays can be assessed.

In this regard, Gómez suggested that measures to be introduced on Wednesday and scheduled to be in place until January 30 may have to be extended. Asked about the possibility of home confinement (lockdown), she stated that "you can always be more restrictive".


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Harry & Zoe, thank you for explaining. I was somewhat annoyed by your remark, but realise in the context you have explained, I suppose you have a valid point.


Zoe / Hace about 1 year

@Mark, I think you are missing Harry's point. I used to be a nurse and have the highest respects for the profession but what Harry is saying that the lady's only qualification is nursing and having that qualification does not make her entitled to be a politician and a decision maker. those in authority should have more qualifications than an educational certificate whether it is Nursing diploma or post doctorate etc.


Harry / Hace about 1 year

Mark, i have absolutely nothing against nurses, indeed I have a family member who is one, but if you are happy for a nurse to administer a 2 billion € budget because her boyfriend is in charge of the Health service, then so be it. Also both she and her boyfriend, Sr Juli Fuster, both insist that all health employees, including cleaners and kitchen staff should be fluent Catalan speakers. Not helpful if a mainlander wants to work here, administring, for instance, vaccinations ! Typical case of I’m alright Jack.


Nigel / Hace about 1 year

From 7/1 to 12/1 (incl) on figures given by MDB, we have had 3,788 new cases, and 3,207 recoveries, 17 unfortunate deaths. Per day half an aeroplane more new cases than recoveries. No comment but seemingly not quite as bad as portrayed.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Harry: nurses save lives too. So don't be denigrating towards nurses by stating "nursing is her only qualification". Once you are wetting your hospital bed and are floating in your own vomit, guess who will be there to clear it up. Shame on you.


Harry / Hace about 1 year

Useless woman. Her appointment was entirely political due to her husband being good friends with Armengol. Her only qualifications nursing ones. Sack her.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Someone here already predicted that 15 days will become 30 and 30 will become 45 etc. Like before. Home confinement, luckily is not decided by local governments. Not that the people in charge in Madrid show much more intelligence, but still.