Gym closure protest, Palma. | Jaume Morey

At least 40 people who took part in a demonstration in Palma on Wednesday to protest against the closure of gyms have been identified by the National Police.

The rally call was made via social media and the Government Delegation was apparently completely unaware of that it was taking place.

Various people from the world of sport, business owners, workers from different Sectors and members of Associations such as Baleares Acción joined the demonstration.

"I decided to close the doors of my gym and go because we have no help but I still have to pay my bills and the fee for being self-employed,” said Quique Bonnín, who owns a gym in Costa de la Calma.

This closure affects me because I'm not able to continue exercising,” said Pedro Hinarejo. “Going to the gym means good health and well-being,” he added, saying he would exercise in the street instead.

"I am not sure that this measure will only last for 15 days,” said Baleares Acción Association member, Rafael Giménez. "The public Administration is taking measures that don’t make any sense.”

On Tuesday, thousands of people took to the streets of Palma to protest against the Government’s decision to close the Hospitality Sector for 15 days.