Hospital admissions up again in Mallorca. | Teresa Ayuga

The Saturday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 546 new positive cases of coronavirus. The test rate has come down to 10.67%; there were 5,117 tests. Of the 546 cases, 280 are in Mallorca (72 fewer than on Friday), 206 in Ibiza (sixteen more), 50 in Minorca (ten more) and ten in Formentera (the same number as Friday).

On hospital wards, there are ten more Covid patients in Mallorca - 313. The number has therefore climbed again after a couple of days during the week (Wednesday and Thursday) when there were decreases of thirteen. In Ibiza the number has risen by four to 59, while in Minorca there is a decrease of one to nine. In intensive care, there are four more patients in Mallorca (108), two more in Ibiza (13) and no change in Minorca (five).

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

A total of 362 people have recovered, 37 of whom were in hospital. The total number of people being attended to by the health service has gone up to 10,479 from 10,262 on Friday. In terms of people specifically being attended to by primary care, the figure continues to fall in Mallorca - down 72 to 7,592.

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Two more deaths have been confirmed. The total is 510.