Covid testing in the Balearics.

Covid testing in the Balearics.


Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, said on Thursday that coronavirus infection in Mallorca is decelerating to a seven-day cumulative incidence per 100,000 of 213 positive cases, which compares with a 14-day incidence of 522.

"The situation in Mallorca is clearly decreasing." The island has passed the peak of the third wave. "For more than a week we have been below 0% increase."

He added that everything indicates that this trend will continue, although he couldn't say how long it will last. The situation could change if, for example, there were to be higher incidence of the UK variant. He wasn't therefore in favour of relaxing restrictions in the near future. As things currently stand, the closure of bars and restaurants, among other recently introduced measures, will be in force until January 30.

In Ibiza, Arranz said that he expects the maximum number of new cases to be reached in a few days. He acknowledged that cases on the island may have shot up because of the UK variant, although he pointed to other factors, such as family gatherings. The situation in Minorca has stabilised and a decrease is expected over the coming days.

The 14-day cumulative incidence for the whole of the Balearics is 710 cases per 100,000. In Ibiza, however, it is 1,838. The seven-day incidence on the island is 1,063, which indicates that incidence will continue to rise. Arranz was not ruling out a lockdown in Ibiza.


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Cat / Hace 12 months

The WHO has just recommended reducing the cycle threshold of pcr tests from 40 to 30 so cases *will* start dropping now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, people. Hang in there.


Tim / Hace 12 months

This is good news, it is vital that we learn to live with the virus as we did most of last year and allow commercial businesses, especially restaurants and bars to reopen (with appropriate restrictions). Shutting the economy down on an island like Mallorca can cause more harm than the virus itself.


Adam / Hace 12 months

Well Congratulation´s on that really have to say quite ridiculous to make a Statement like that wonder what qualifications he has under his belt , the situation is very serious and having really only gone into lockdown for a couple of Days whilst country's like Germany have been in complete shutdown for months now since 1st of November in fact no Hairdressers , Bars or Restaurants no Gyms or Gaterings of people Mask´s are Mandatory and they are about to ban travel all to gather and border crossings closed as well , so Buckel up Mallorca .