Es Center de Circ, Sineu. | Ultima Hora

When Circ Bover was launched in 2005 it was the first circus company in the Balearic Islands.

The troupe travelled from town to town across Mallorca, with all kinds of acts to dazzle audiences as the circus extravaganza toured the island.

In 2007, the Es Centre de Circ school was created in the Municipality of Sineu. It currently has around 70 students as well as a centre for artistic residencies and show productions, an exhibition space and an educational program for schools, which attracts more than 3,500 student visits every year.

Es Center de Circ has hugely successful for years and now the company is keen to expand into the international market.

"We have been looking for a new space for 5 years so that we can expand,” says Circ Bover Director, Tià Jordà. “We need to expand Es Center de Circ internationally and be part of a bigger network, with exchange projects and circus professional workshops and we want to create an international school for professionals, co-designed and co-directed by Roberto Magro, who was the artistic director of the Central del Circ in Catalonia between 2013 and 2015.”

Ideally they want to find a large open plot where they can install tents and circus structures and the host town will get a lot out of it too.

"It would be great for Municipalities that don’t have a stage space,” says Jordà. “We have a very clear project in mind and the tools to carry it out, but we need a new space to do it in.”

Es Center de Circ is offering the host town a stable program of about 15 circus shows and musical and theatre events a year, plus an exhibition space, a circus school and a European project that connects Mallorca with important artistic centres overseas.

Can you help them find the perfect space for their next project in Mallorca?

Members of El Circ Bover performing.